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5 Marketing Strategies That Will Double Your Followers on Social Networks

Ancient Rome had its squares and forums, where people would gather and discuss important social, political and personal affairs. It’s interesting how 2,000 years later people still function in a very similar way. The only difference is that today we don’t meet on squares that much, but we use social media for socialization and other things. Also, social networks are useful means of business communication and interaction, as well. Due to the development of online marketing, business owners can use a variety of different strategies to attract more followers to their brands.


Going beyond customers’ needs

The basic relationship between a business and a customer is the one in which the latter just buys products from the former. However, this sounds more like the medieval barter system than modern business cooperation. Contemporary customers are distinguished buyers with sophisticated shopping habits. Therefore, anticipate their needs by collecting as much information as possible about their preferences. For starters, you can turn to some practical free tracking tools. Those data will give you leverage to prepare special social media offers for your followers.


Weaving a special brand (hi)story

When bits of information are woven into a well-organized train of thought, people are more likely to remember them. If you take a look at social media posts, most of them are actually short stories. Be it events from everyday life or comments on various topics, social media are brimming with short written pieces. Due to those trends, you should weave the history of your brand into compelling and amusing stories. If you emphasize your tradition and current success through storytelling, your followers will come back for more. Apart from ordinary posts, this promotion can be done through various photo and video stories, as well.


Engaging audience to participate

Interaction is one of the key features for strengthening loyalty and commitment to a brand. Social networks are perfect means for achieving intensive interaction not only with customers, but also with other fellow businesses. What’s crucial here is to inspire your clients to become active members of your online community. The best way to entice them into taking part in that communication is to share innovative and up-to-date content. Additionally, some of them will probably visit your website, which will increase traffic on it, leading to higher rankings in SERPs.

Also, publish posts on current affairs in your niche and use call-to-action phrases, so as to invite them to leave their comments. Offering your own point of view will trigger a discussion, so you should speak your mind first.


Customer-rewarding policies

Every relationship should be based on giving and taking. Since you’ve managed to convince your customers that your brand is worth giving a chance, your next goal is to retain them. The most convenient strategy to achieve that is to determine some unique customer-rewarding policies. For instance, you can adjust your email marketing tool to notify you on your clients’ birthdays. Also, it would be wise to send them special coupons for that occasion. Moreover, if entire families are your clients, prepare some special packages for them for Christmas holidays. They can range from free vouchers, to beautifully designed custom mugs, which will certainly be received with delight.


Showing care and flexibility

Two frequent issues that businesses and their customers have on the Internet are shipping and refunding. Due to the rise in the number of online businesses and customers, each of these sides has learnt to pursue their own interests. Nevertheless, the saying that customer is always right is becoming even more obvious in light of the ongoing Web trends. Losing a customer doesn’t only mean losing a shopper. It’s also an end of a relationship in which both parties have invested time and assets. As a result, discontented customers often severely criticize the brands they’ve abandoned. For all these reasons, apply flexible shipping and refunding conditions. If you’re too harsh in these affairs, your business will earn a bad reputation. This is something that can damage the trust between you and your online followers.

Still, read some legal regulations, as well, and find balance between protecting your rights as a business owner and caring for your customers.


Owning a website or an online business requires committed work and readiness to offer a new value to your customers. If you do that in an original way that makes them feel special, new followers will keep rolling in. The strategies analyzed in this piece will be of great help, so use them to grow a valuable relationship with your customers.




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