Getting found online is super easy isn’t it?

Don’t you just get a website and some business cards, sit back and watch the cash roll in

Slap me why don’t you…..

But you would be surprised how many times I have heard this.


Giving just 1 tip on how to get found online is a difficult thing to do, because I believe marketing a business is like a big pot of minestrone soup, Nonna would say if you miss one thing out it just won’t be right.


Everything has to be added in order and with love and care.


Prepare your veg – Understand your business and your target market, know your strengths and weaknesses. A quick and easy way to do this is to use a business model canvas, to ensure you know your customers, and the unique proposition you are offering them. If you miss this out you can waste a lot of time effort and money.



Add the beef stock and veg and bring to a simmer

Write an online strategy, this doesn’t have to be a high flying 50 page document, scribble it down in a notepad but be sure not to spread yourself too thin, think about.

– Where are your customers hanging out

– Where are your key channels

– Are you ideal customers ready to purchase from you or just looking for more information, where about’s in the buying cycle are they?

Without knowing this information you could end up advertising in all the wrong places.

Choose one or two channels and do them well.

Social Media

Networking events

Trade shows

Print and online media



Add your pasta divide into portions and enjoy night after night– yummy !

Be consistent with your brand message. Build a strong visual brand that you know appeals to your customers, and a brand message that means they can’t turn away.


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.


If you follow these three steps for getting your new business found online you can’t go wrong.


As a creative project manager I am all about order and streamlining your business, once you get a strong visual brand established it means you can generate a strong online presence, and react to any opportunity quickly and with confidence.


Enjoy your soup.



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