One of the major premises behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that companies cannot benefit from keeping big teams of full-time employees. The solution to this problem lies in the widespread work automation and outsourcing of the entire business departments. In the Digital Era, businesses and professionals interconnect in a completely new way. Even the biggest players find it easier to rely on freelancers and outsourcing agencies, instead of building new departments from scratch. In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits that outsourcing brings to corporate entities.

Outsourcing is cost-effective
The cost-effectiveness is the greatest benefit of outsourcing. For many entrepreneurs, it is the only reason for outsourcing parts of their business. It’s much easier for companies to pay a talented and specialist freelancer to get a task done rather than to hire more full-time employees. In addition to this, companies often decide to outsource parts of their business tasks to the agencies and freelancers to gain expert specialist jobs, that need someone who is totally dedicated to the job.

Focus on the core areas
Outsourcing is very helpful for small companies because it allows entrepreneurs to focus on the core areas of their business. Running a company is not as easy as most people think. This process involves many hard and time-consuming tasks – from creating company’s logo and slogan to producing videos and building websites.
These tasks can easily divert entrepreneurs’ attention from the key aspects of their business, which results in a much slower company development. The most important task of every entrepreneur is to plan and test the growth strategies. By outsourcing the most demanding and time-consuming tasks, they can speed up their company’s progress and create the perfect environment for a fast business growth.

Same level of control
Many companies hire full-timers since they want to have control over their whole team. Today, freelancers, remote employees and associates can collaborate with the company’s headquarters by using digital collaborative tools. Employers who are being pressed by tight schedules and short deadlines can use employee time clock apps to make sure that every outsourced task is done promptly.

Quick start
Companies that want to start processes outside of their core business need to hire new people, acquire the necessary tech, create risk assessments, set goals and do lots of planning. Outsourcing agencies and professionals have all the necessary tech and talent. Most of them have already been working on similar projects, and they have some great solutions up in their sleeve. Hiring the outsourcing associates allows entrepreneurs to save a lot of time, and we all know that time is the most important asset of every business person.

It’s easier to check their skills and expertise 
The staff selection process is long and hard. Most candidates for regular corporate jobs don’t present their competences and experience in the right way. Outsourcing professionals and freelancers are not like that. The presentation of their work brings them new customers, and that is why they invest a lot of time and money in creating outstanding portfolios and gaining references from their previous clients. They also present their work in the form of case studies. This way, they are showing off their expertise, and graphically explain what they can do for the employers.


Find your match on freelance platforms
Freelance marketplace platforms are the best place to find skilful freelance experts. These are mainly used by small and medium sized enterprises. Most freelance platforms come with the reference feature, which allows employers to assess and comment on the service they’ve received. This way, the employers can check freelancers’ expertise and choose the most appropriate person for the job.
Check out popular freelance marketplace platforms such as The Freelance Collective that supports Australian based creative freelancers 


Every business project requires large investments. In the first phases of business development, companies are not advised to take huge risks and start big projects, no matter how promising they seem. Outsourcing business projects allow entrepreneurs to get talented staff, top notch infrastructure. This way companies are reducing the risks and speeding up their business development. That’s why this concept is so beneficial to both big and small businesses and why it’s going to redefine the labor relations in the next decades.


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