Why don’t you join Cross Fit with me? Came the request from my partner 6 months ago.
Ummmmm NO I’m not into Gyms! Came the reply

BUT, somehow I started and I have to say I’m addicted.

The results have been amazing, not with my body, in fact I have put a few kilos on due to muscle gain, but with my brain.

I am clearer in my thinking, my stress levels have reduced and I am able to have a few hours each week where I do not think about work, clients and the business at all, which has meant that my head is a lot clearer and I feel happier.


So when Alex Williams from Bizz Mark Blog sent me this blog post I thought it fitted in very well.

Thanks Alex for another great blog.


Is there anything more annoying than having something on the tip of your tongue, but still you cannot remember what that is? Of course there isn’t. However, you shouldn’t be worried since, hopefully, forgetfulness is curable. Here is a list of some great tricks which will certainly help you improve your memory.


Eating right is crucial for you memory

If you want to improve your memory, it’s very important that you eat healthy since the impact of food on your brain is very significant. First of all, you should go for food that contains antioxidants which keep your brain healthy and active. Therefore, you should incorporate curry, broccoli and walnuts into your diet. Additionally, you should increase the intake of omega-3 fat, and the best way to do this is by eating fish, particularly salmon, seafood, especially oysters, soybeans, and spinach.


Exercise regularly

Not only is exercising beneficial for your overall health, but it is extremely helpful when dealing with a so-called goldfish syndrome. While we’re exercising, the level of oxygen in our brain increases, and that reduces the risk of many diseases, such as diabetes, which affect our memory. We particularly recommend that you exercise in the morning, since it will certainly get your blood pumping and prepare you for your daily tasks.


Create reminders

Another good tactics is creating reminders. And, all you need for this are amazing post-it notes, which you can stick all over your house to keep them in sight. This method is very effective thanks to your peripheral sight, which can easily pick up things that we aren’t even aware of. You’ll see how these displayed reminders will easily stick to your memory. Another great thing about sticky notes is that you can get them in various colours, so you can use different colours for different kinds of tasks, or for different levels of importance (red for the most urgent ones, yellow for the ones that can wait, etc).


Get enough sleep

In today’s modern world people always hurry somewhere and it seems that we constantly forget the importance of relaxation and a good night’s sleep. However, we are here to remind you. First of all, scientists have shown that sleep boosts brainpower, which consequently leads to faster learning and better test results. You may think that sleeping four or six hours a night doesn’t have a negative impact, but it does. It has been proven that less sleep significantly influences the clarity of our thoughts.


Stay away from stressful situations

Stress is certainly your number one enemy. It has a huge negative impact on your overall physical health, including the health of your brain. It can destroy brain cells, which eventually leads to memory loss. Additionally, when you’re often exposed to stressful situations, the hippocampus, crucial for the formation of new memories, can suffer. So, instead of letting stress harm your brain, try relaxing as much as possible, and the best way to do so is by spending time with your dearest ones. You should surround yourself with positive people since there is no better cure for forgetfulness than a good laugh.


Play mind games

Aside from doing physical workout, you should start exercising your brain as well. This can include any mentally challenging games, such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, etc. They have a positive impact on your brain because thanks to them new neurologic connections are created. These connections, along with newly generated cells, are of the utmost importance for creating new memories. Consequently, the risks of memory loss and serious diseases, such as dementia, are significantly reduced.


Use Mnemonic Devices

Another great method for improving your memory is using mnemonic devices, that is, techniques that help you remember something. For example, associations can be very helpful for memorizing numbers. You should break longer strings of them (23789495) into pairs and think of what every pair signifies. For example, 23 is your house number, 78 is your sister’s birth year and so on. Another technique that has already been applied in the previous example is chunking, which means dividing long strings of numbers and grouping them. It’s extremely effective since it’s much easier to remember groups of things than just a random list. Other useful mnemonic devices are rhymes, acronyms, etc.


All in all, we can see that there’re many methods which can help us improve our memory. We should stick to those which work best for us and incorporate them into our daily routine.


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