I have a question for you…

Do you know what you stand for ? How your brand is perceived and if it is giving the right information to the people you want to do business with?

Discover your journey
Discover your meaning
Discover your audience
Discover your possibilities

Discovery is a process we use to uncover true needs and create a road map to increase revenue for your company.

We ask you questions, brainstorm together, and get to know your business as much as we possibly can, so that we can deliver the results you need.

We meet for 3 meetings, each is about one hour long.

We don’t do them all at once because our brains can’t take that
much information and business owners tend to have limited time.

We break the meetings down so we can really get into the heart of your business.

Meeting 1 is all about your company – why you exist
Meeting 2 is all about the people
Meeting 3 is all about the connection point and how you engage.

We want to get to know you, your team and your clients

We love bringing you information that you may not know about your
competition, your target audience, or a new strategy that may help
you achieve your goals.

What do YOU have to do?

All you have to do is commit to showing up, and being honest and open mined. It’s that easy. We will do all the heavy lifting.

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"Foundation House was in desperate need of a total rebrand and a new website, there was definitely a need for a bottom up approach and the “Discovery” process allowed that to take place with key stakeholder involvement. As a result we were able expose the soul of our organisation, who we are, what we do, how we do it and why we do it"

David Atkin

Foundation House

So What’s next?

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