We work with businesses who value their craft as much as we value ours.

We are not about business as usual – we want to test the boundaries.
We are not your usual creative agency – we are small and like it that way.

After working with numerous creative teams over the years Emma found out that not every designer is right for every project. Everyone has their skills and style and this is what drove Emma to start The Business Designers

We work with a core group of independent design led creatives who will be perfectly suited to each client.

If your looking for a corporate professional brand Bob is not for you – but Tom is a perfect match. If you want something quirky and creative Clark is your man.

Each project is assigned a core team who will learn and grow with you, and Emma (creative director) oversees every project, ensuring it delivers on your objectives and pushes the creative boundaries.

We deliver branding that works

  • We focus on marketing that achieves good return for our clients investment
  • We work with our clients to develop strategic, creative branding and marketing to support their business goals

We make it easy

  • We manage the process from design to day to day marketing for our clients, to help them achieve their goals quickly
  • We use the right tools, expertise and up to date industry knowledge to meet our client’s requirements.

Hello! Nice to Meet You

Emma Morgan started The Business Designers in 2014 she is a odd mix of creative designer, marketeer and project manager. She collaborates with teams and brings brands to life. She oversees every project and loves to build connections with all her clients.

Emma has a visual communications degree, and Advanced Marketing Certificate and has over 20 year experience working with companies such as MTV, BBC, Hasbro Games, Codemasters Computer Games, Sky News, Foxtel

Meet some of our regulars

Emma Morgan
Emma Morgan
Owner & Creative Director

Creative thinkers with organisational skills were previously thought to be mythical creatures. Emma created The Business Designer 5 years ago and has over 18 years experience working in creative, branding and marketing roles for a number of Blue Chip Client. Emma loves working with a variety of creative minds, always pushing the brief and ensuring the client feels supported and that we deliver on our promise.

Clark Spendelow
Clark Spendelow
Creative - Just Creative

Clark can lend his hand to any project that is looking for something modern and cutting edge. He has worked on logo design and video production for a number of our clients, and the results are always mind blowingly creative.

Emma and Clark work well together and push the boundaries on any project.

Lindze Brock
Lindze Brock
Designer / Developer

Lindze has the proven skills to be a designer and developer, which doesn’t come around that often. Her time in LA working for celebrities like Kristin Chenoweth, Kristin Davis and Jennifer Love Hewitt honed her talent for spotting trends. You will never be behind the creative curve with Lindze on your project. Lindze and Emma work like a well oiled machine, constantly pushing the creative boundaries and ensuring the design works for the client.

SEO and SEM producer
Aidan works like a silent ninja. As a Google Partner is always one step ahead. Working in Sydney he is constantly looking at new ways to connect with the right clients and improve their digital presence.
Emma works with Aidan to ensure he has the basis to build on, when we build a website, Aidan makes sure that it can be found by its target market.
Tom Cox
Tom Cox
Graphic Designer

Tom is a fellow pom, and with over 20 years experience knows print and graphic design inside out. Working on corporate ID, business cards and marketing materials is his game, and he plays is very well. Tom can turn his creative hand to design and development. Emma and Tom work together bouncing ideas off each other to build a brand that works at every stage of the project. Two heads are better than one.

Rowena is a people person, and loves nothing more than gathering stories and producing them into SEO friendly content to share over social media, and digital platforms. Working on anything from website copy to opinion pieces, content is her thing. Emma and Rowena work hand in hand, content for projects is always a hold up and having a copywriter and creative director working together means we hit the deadlines needed.
Marketing Manager

Nic is an experienced and highly literate marketeer. She works independently and get grasp in depth business details converting this to interesting and highly searchable marketing content.

Nicole can work on social, website and SEO campaigns and is always easy and approachable to work with, easily slotting into more marketing teams.

Josh Evans
Josh Evans
Josh is super talented and a valued member for The Business Designers, he manages to get the best out of everyone he works with and can make even the most un photogenic people look amazing.
Josh has over 15 year experience in photography and videography and can move between projects with ease.
So What’s next?

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